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Pest Control

Laser-focused and designed to protect

Laser-focused and designed to protect

Effectively tackle pest control while minimising your impact on the environment with KeyGreen. We specialise in environmentally-conscious pest management solutions designed to protect your property without harming the ecosystem.

Advanced Technologies for Preventative Pest Control

We reduce customer pest risk through our use of cutting-edge technologies that offer preventative measures. Our aim is to eradicate intrusions before they become a problem. With smart pest control featuring 24/7 digital pest monitoring, we stay one step ahead of pests. Our SIM-enabled smart traps keep a vigilant eye out for pests even when you’re not there. Additionally, our Online Customer Portal allows for the easy management of one or multiple sites, putting you in control of your pest control needs.

Responsible Environmental Management

At KeyGreen, we prioritize responsible environmental management and are conscious of animals in the area. We are accredited by the Irish Wildlife Trust as well as the BRC Global Food Safety Standard, demonstrating our commitment to sustainable practices and wildlife preservation.

With KeyGreen, you can trust that your pest control needs will be met with efficiency, effectiveness, and environmental responsibility. Contact us today to learn more about our eco-friendly pest control services in Ireland.

Pest Control Services

Rodent Control 
Our nationwide technicians are experts in dealing with mice and rat control. We provide safe and effective solutions that are mindful of the environment and other wildlife in the area.
Flying Insect Treatments
We help businesses to eliminate flying insects, including wasps, flies and moths which can contaminate food and spread diseases, and destroy clothing and textiles.
Crawling Insect Treatments
Numerous crawling insects such as ants, cockroaches, fleas and bed bugs can create a problem for your business. Our nationwide experts will eliminate the problem using our leading technology.
Bed bugs can be devastating to your business, causing you to lose rooms and your reputation. The right treatment depends on the correct identification of the species and the extent of the problem. Our experts offer the most complete inspection, treatment and monitoring programmes available.
Bird Control
Despite being a beautiful part of our wildlife, some birds have become urban pests. We use a variety of compassionate technologies for bird control including netting, spikes and scaring systems.
Rodent Proofing
When it comes to food and shelter, rodents aren't picky. However, we're certain that you'd prefer to keep them away from your premises. Using specially designed materials, our technicians know which products will keep rodents out of your premises.
Customer Pest Portal
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Quality Assurance

We are committed to quality assurance and are members of the following organisations:

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