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Taking on a DIY project or garden shed clear out? Check out our BabySkip Bags here.

Our open steel skips range from 2.5 cubic yard to 14 cubic yard. Learn more here.

Skip Hire

Clean, green and hassle free skip hire

Clean, green and hassle free skip hire

Have you finally decided to do that clearout or spot of DIY you’ve been putting off? You’ve carved out the time, you have the tools, now all you need to do is hire a skip!

Whether it’s an attic, house or a garage clearout, a spring clean, a home renovation or a large-scale construction and demolition project, we offer a range of skip hire solutions to meet your needs, with pricing and service options to suit every project type. 

Skips can be dropped off and picked up at a time that suits your schedule. Your waste will be disposed of in an environmentally safe way and we recover and recycle as much as we can.

We provide skip rental in Dublin, parts of Kildare, Meath and Wicklow. Check out our booking page to check if we operate in your area.

Steel Skips

Our skips range from 2.5 cubic yard to 14 cubic yard open steel skips.

2.5 CY Mini Skip

2.5 CY Mini Skip

This is our smallest skip. It is ideal for small-sized DIY and commercial projects. Will hold the equivalent of 20 black refuse bags. Suitable for household and green waste.

Size:  4 ft long x 6 ft wide x 3 ft high

Capacity:  2.5 cubic yards

Max weight:  800kg

Hire length:  3-day hire

Price:  From €129.00

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4 CY Midi Skip

4 CY Midi Skip

This medium-sized skip holds a volume equivalent to 30 refuse bags. Ideal for soil, rubble, commercial and domestic DIY projects.

Size: 8 ft long x 5 ft wide x 3 ft high

Capacity:  4 cubic yards

Max weight:  1500kg

Hire length:  3-day hire

Price:  From €183.99

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6 CY Standard Skip

6 CY Standard Skip

This standard builders’ skip holds an equivalent volume of 60 refuse bags. Suitable for bulky heavy waste.

Size: 11 ft long x 5.5 ft wide x 3.5 ft high

Capacity: 6 cubic yards

Max weight:  2500kg

Hire length:  3-day hire

Price:  From €299.00

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14 CY Standard Skip

14 CY Standard Skip

This skip has high 6 ft walls in order to stack your waste material higher. It is ideal for large bulky clearouts. Not suitable for filling with soil, stone or rubble due to lift weight restrictions (Use a 4 or 6 CY).

Size: 11 ft long x 5.5 ft wide x 6 ft high

Capacity:  14 cubic yards

Max weight:  3500kg

Hire length: 3-day hire

Price: From €485.00

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BabySkip Bags

BabySkip Bags

Are you spring cleaning or removing rubbish from the attic or garden shed?

The BabySkip is ideal for disposing of bulky household and garden waste. Collection prices starting from €82 with three different sizes to choose from.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to many of the questions that arise when customers are considering skip hire, or have already hired a skip and need information on permissions or collection.

What do I need to know about overfilled skips?
The driver must be able to safely attach the lifting hooks, cover the skip from the ground without climbing and be able to lift the skip without the risk of items or equipment failing and causing injury to themselves or others or to your property. We therefore have a strict policy that overfilled skips will not be lifted and you will be asked to rearrange the collection after the skip is made safe to lift or be asked by the driver to remove items at collection time. All skips are marked clearly at the level to which you can safely load. It is a condition of all NWCPO authorised waste collectors that skips must not be overloaded and be fully covered when transporting so you will be asked to make the skip level in order that our drivers are allowed to lift it. Please also note that due to the weight of soil, stone, concrete and similar materials only the 2.5, 4 or 6 cubic yard skips should be used for these type of materials as a 14 CY will not physically be able to be lifted by the skip truck. We also have a range of larger RORO skips suitable for these materials.

Maximum weight limits

2.5 cubic yard; max weight = 800kg
4 cubic yard; max weight = 1500kg
6 cubic yard; max weight = 2500kg
14 cubic yard; max weight = 3500kg
20 cubic yard RORO; max weight = 5000kg
35 cubic yard RORO; max weight = 5500kg

An additional weight charge may be applied to your account if your skip is in excess of the weight allowance.
How long can I hire the skip for?
Skips are hired for three working days (Mon-Sat ). For example, if you order a skip for Monday delivery, it will be automatically scheduled for collection anytime from 6am on Thursday. The skip may be lifted after the expiration of the 3-day hire even where it is not filled and you will be charged. If you require the skip for longer than 3 days you must indicate this at the time of booking and extra rental charges will apply from €10-25 per day depending upon the skip size. You may also require a permit for the skip if you intend to leave it on a public road or footpath and this permit must cover the entire rental period.
Do you do skips outside of Dublin?
We directly provide steel skips in Dublin, parts of Kildare, Meath and Wicklow. You can use our booking page to look up the towns and areas where we service skips directly. We can also offer a one-stop solution for companies who would like to use one skip provider to manage their skips nationwide through our network of skip partners. Booking page
What size skips do you do?
Online skips bookings range from 2.5 cubic yard to 14 cubic yard open steel skips. We also do 14 CY closed skips, 20, 35, 40 CU roll-on, roll-off skips and a range of general waste and dry mixed recycling compactors. Please contact us if you require a quote on these. Contact us
What time can you deliver my skip at?
We begin our skip deliveries at 6am. Due to the nature of skip business it is difficult for us to give an exact time of delivery due to various operational circumstances outside of our control such as delays on customer sites, access issues or traffic delays.

We can usually accommodate an AM (6am-12pm ) or PM (12pm-4.30pm ) delivery or collection request.
Can you drop and collect in the same day?
Yes, we can drop your skip and collect it all in the one day but please check with our customer service team in advance of booking as this will be dependent upon the capacity. Additional charges may apply depending upon the timing and distance of the request.

We also offer a wait and load service where the skip driver will wait while you load the skip. For 2.5, 4 and 6 CY skips the maximum waiting time is 30 mins and for 14 CY skips the maximum load time is 45 mins. An additional charge will apply for this service.
Access issues - can a truck fit?
We have a variety of trucks but at a minimum access must be able to accommodate a truck that is 11 ft wide and 33 ft feet long. It also requires 1 ft on either side to gain access into narrow areas. Also note that due to weight of the trucks, they are not suitable to drive across gardens, gravel, grass, lawns or similar. Where the truck will need to pull up on such surfaces, we may not be able to drop or lift your skip and if we do as you instruct, then KeyGreen will not be liable for any damage to such property. If a skip is being left on a road, lane or driveway, you must ensure that the driver has unrestricted access to safely manoeuvre with enough room for both the skip truck and the fully extended lifting arms. Also take into account that the area must be clear of overhead wires, trees and bushes so that the lifting arms can fully extend safely. Do not move the skip after it has been placed as the truck may not be able to lift it afterwards.
Do your prices include VAT?
All prices include VAT unless otherwise stated. We can provide a VAT invoice for your records. Please ask on booking.
What can I put in my skip?
Please see our list of acceptable and unacceptable items at the following link. What can go in my skip?
Can you drop it over a fence or in a garden?
Yes, we can drop a skip over a 3 ft fence but nothing higher for safety reasons. Please leave a minimum 1 ft gap from any wall, fence, gate or hedge to allow the safe lifting of the skip upon collection. You should not move the skip after it has been dropped and if you do so KeyGreen bears no responsibility for any damage that results on attempting to collect the skip. Note that due to the weight of the truck and filled skip, you should carefully consider where you want the skip placed. As well as the weight of the truck and skip, upon lifting all skip trucks will deploy stabilising legs which can cause damage to grass verges, gardens, paving or kerbs. Also take into account that the area must be clear of overhead wires, trees and bushes so that the lifting arms can fully extend safely.
Can I pay by cash or cheque?
Due to security concerns for our drivers we do not accept cash payments. Payment can be processed online or over the phone using a debit or credit card. You can also prepay via cheque or bank transfer.
Where does my full skip go?
Our facility in Dublin 12 is used to pre-sort skips for onward recovery, reuse and recycling of skip waste. Typically over 98% of skip waste can be recovered but some building materials in particular are not suitable for recovery. You can help us to recover as much waste material as possible by not contaminating your skip with hazardous and unacceptable waste. We also tip some of our skips in other licensed transfer facilities in Dublin, Cork and Limerick.

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