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Wheelie Bin Services

Waste is an unavoidable part of modern living

Waste is an unavoidable part of modern living

We're making a positive change through innovative solutions.

We supply a full range of compostable bin liners, kitchen caddies and pedal bins for the segregation and containment of food waste. 

Our experienced account managers will help you agree a tailored collection schedule to suit your business needs.

Container types

Bin dimensions supplied are approximate. Please allow an additional 3 cm if a bin needs to fit into a confined area.

Type: 1100 lt, four-wheeled bin

Waste types: General waste and mixed recycling

Dimensions: 110 cm D x 123 cm W x 130 cm H

1100 lt, four-wheeled bin

Type: 660 lt, four-wheeled bin

Waste types: General waste and mixed recycling

Dimensions: 79 cm D x 123 cm W x 123 cm H

660 lt, four-wheeled bin

Type: 360 lt, two-wheeled bin

Waste types: General waste and mixed recycling

Dimensions: 90 cm D x 60 cm W x 110 cm H

360 lt, two-wheeled bin

Type: 240 lt, two-wheeled bin

Waste types: General waste, mixed recycling and glass

Dimensions: 74 cm D x 58 cm W x 108 cm H

 240 lt, two-wheeled bin

Type: 140 lt, two-wheeled bin

Waste types: General waste, mixed recycling, organic waste and glass

Dimensions: 57 cm D x 49 cm W x 104 cm H

140 lt, two-wheeled bin

Waste streams covered

General waste
Anything that cannot be recycled or composted should be disposed of in your black general waste bin. See a list of items that are accepted and not accepted below .

Items that are accepted in your general waste bin:

General waste | Nappies | Sanitary products | Ashes (cooled) | Hoover | Vacuum contents | Animal waste

Items that are NOT accepted in your general waste bin:

Hot ashes | Glass | Paper | Cardboard | All plastics | Food & drink cans or tins | Food waste | Garden waste | Paint cans | Electrical goods | Batteries | Light Bulbs | Oils | Wax Download a general waste segregation poster below. Download
Dry mixed recycling
What can I put in my green bin?
Your green bin is used for dry mixed recyclable waste. The following items are accepted in your green bin:

Tins, cans and foil:

Drink cans | Food cans | Pet food cans and trays | Soup, sauce and fruit tins | Gift, biscuit and toiletry tins | Sweet and chocolate tins | Aluminium (tin) foil | Aluminium trays | Beer bottle lids | Metal jar and bottle lids.

All plastics:

Bread wrappers | Fruit, veg and salad wraps and bags | Kitchen and toilet roll outer wrap | Breakfast cereal bags | Plastic shopping and carrier bags | Dried fruit, seed and nut bags / Frozen food bags / Pasta, rice and noodle bags | Cheese packs outer wrap | Baked goods and confectionary outer wrappers | Crisp and cracker wrappers | Bubble wrap | Electrical item/white goods and appliances bags and wrap | Mattress and pillow wrap | Wet wipes outer wrap | Detergent/dishwasher bags | Garden compost and bark bags | All pots, tubs and trays | Water and juice bottles | Milk and cream bottles | Sauce and dressing bottles Meat / veg / bread trays Butter / margarine / ice-cream tubs Yogurt pots Salad / fruit bowls Chocolate / biscuit trays Bottle / jar lids Take-away plastic containers Shampoo / liquid soap and gel bottles Make-up / toiletry tubs and mouth wash bottles Detergent / household cleaning bottles Plastic plant pots

Paper & cardboard:

Newspapers | Books / phone books | Magazines and catalogues | Diaries and calendars | Letters and junk mail | Egg boxes | Sugar bags and potato bags | Empty juice and milk cartons | Packaging boxes | Food boxes | Gravy and salt tubs | Gift cards and wrap | Paper and envelopes | Pizza boxes | Washing powder boxes | Tissue boxes | Toilet and kitchen roll tubes

What items are NOT acceptable in my green bin?

Glass or ceramics | Green waste (food or garden) | Clothes or shoes | Aerosols | Nappies / sanitary items | Black bin bags | Batteries or light bulbs | Coffee pods | Used matches | Polystyrene Download
Organic Waste
Turning your waste into compost and biofuel

The food waste regulations obligate householders and businesses to segregate their waste so that food waste is kept separate from other waste. In conjunction with the Landfill Directive it also prevents this waste from being sent to landfill. KeyGreen can help you to do this through our organic waste collection service. We provide a range of organic waste bins suitable for both households, apartments and commercial premises. KeyGreen also provides a handy 5-litre caddy you can use to store food waste before transferring it to your own larger compost bin or communal bin.

Organic Waste

By using your brown bin you can help the environment and better manage and protect our environment from pollution. Segregating your kitchen and garden waste into your brown bin allows it to be reused and turned into compost. A process called anaerobic digestion can be used to treat your compost waste to produce a gas-like fuel used in heating and vehicles. For example, KeyGreen is installing a biogas unit to heat our offices which will be heated solely from biomethane from the organic waste process. We are also investing in vehicles for our fleet that will run on biofuel also produced from the anaerobic digestion process.

Your brown bin is an organic waste bin designed to minimise the amount of waste disposed of in your black general waste bin. Using a brown bin can reduce the amount of waste in your black bin by up to 30%.

What can I put in my brown bin?

Your brown waste bin is used for organic (food and garden) waste only. The following items are accepted in your brown bin:

Fruit and vegetables | Raw and cooked meat and fish | Eggshells | Dairy products | Bread | Garden waste (grass, twigs, leaves, etc.) | Coffee grounds and tea bags | Packaged foods (removed from packaging) | Kitchen roll and napkins.

The following items are NOT acceptable in your brown bin:

Plastics | Metals | Glass | Porcelain or tile | Tinfoil | Sweets and crisps wrappers | Juice cartons of any kind | Glossy paper or magazines | Coal | Rock | Gravel | Soil | Stones | Clay | Human or animal litter | Light bulbs | Batteries | Electrical goods | Shoes and clothing.

NOTE: Do not put plastic bags in your brown bin, if you are concerned about your brown bin smelling you can purchase biodegradable bags from KeyGreen.
Download an organic waste segregation poster below. Download
Glass Waste
Whether you produce a large or small volume of glass we have a solution to suit your requirements. We can supply wheelie bins for small to medium volumes of glass and bottle bins for larger amounts, depending on storage and access.

Remember to always wash out your glass products before disposing of them, as a food stained bottle or non-glass waste item can contaminate a full bin. Please ensure glass colours are correctly segregated into the right bin.

The following items are accepted in a glass bin:

Glass bottles | Glass jars

The following items are NOT accepted in a glass bin:

Window pane glass | Crushed glass (broken mirrors) | Pint glasses | Wine glasses | Drinking glasses | Ceramic plates or cups | Plastic | Cardboard Download a glass waste segregation poster below. Download
WEEE – Waste Electrical & Electronic
For all types of electrical waste.

KeyGreen offers a complete collection, management and recycling service for all types of electrical waste. This service provides clients with a safe, secure and compliant recycling programme for redundant electrical waste.

Our service includes:

Free assessment and cost estimate | Collection of white goods including fridge freezers | Collection and recycling of redundant IT and office equipment including CRT monitors | We provide certificates of destruction as required | Scheduled WEEE collection includes the provision of a disposal cage to contain redundant IT equipment and an agreed scheduled service.

We also provide a full data destruction service for hard drives, cassettes tapes, floppy disks, etc. A certificate of destruction is provided when items are destroyed.

We accept the following items:

White goods | Kettles | Toasters | Computer monitors | Keyboards | TVs Laptops | Mobile phones | Tablets | Hairdryers

We do NOT accept the following items:

Black bin or food or recycling waste | Wood Download an electrical waste segregation poster below. Download

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