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Christmas Lights Campaign

Author(s): KeyGreen, 31/12/2022

During the lead-up to Christmas, we were busy raising funds for Peter McVerry Trust, a national housing and homeless charity committed to reducing homelessness and the harm caused by substance misuse and social disadvantage.

In mid-November several of our waste trucks were fitted with Christmas lights. When these trucks drove through the streets of Dublin City, they brought joy to those who were commuting in and out of work, Christmas shopping, attending family and work parties. By donating to Peter McVerry Trust, KeyGreen paid forward the joy the Christmas trucks created to help those who are suffering from homelessness, substance use and social disadvantage.

Christmas Lights Campaign 1

Using our social media platforms, we began raising awareness of Peter McVerry Trust and the incredible work they do to decrease Ireland’s homeless population. As part of our awareness posts, our followers and the wider public were encouraged to like and share. With each like, we donated €1 to Peter McVerry Trust and with every share we donated €2.

Our campaign goal was to make a real and lasting impact on the lives of those experiencing homelessness. The ‘Shedding Light on Dublin’s Homelessness’ campaign raised €2,000 for Peter McVerry Trust. This donation will allow Peter McVerry Trust to provide 300 meals for the homeless community and provide 6 months of housing with supports for someone who has exited homelessness and moved into a new home!

Thank you to everyone who supported this campaign. Your support helped raise awareness for this great cause and allowed them to continue their work supporting people and communities impacted by homelessness, drug misuse and social disadvantage.

Christmas Lights Campaign 2