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Flying Insect Treatment & Wasp Nest Removal

Flying Insect Treatments

Flying Insect Treatments

Keeping flying insects and wasps out of your business is essential for maintaining your brand image and keeping your customers and staff safe. Our flying insect treatments, including wasp nest removal, will ensure your reputation stays intact.

Flying insects can carry diseases and spread them on surfaces that they land on, so prevention is always better than cure.

Why is flying insect treatment important? 

Believe it or not, you don’t need to be inundated with flies to have a problem. Below are some of the issues flying insects can cause -

Food contamination – Perhaps the most obvious one, flies carry bacteria and viruses that can transfer onto food or preparation surfaces when they land on them, leading to contamination and illness.

Regulatory compliance – Ireland has strict regulations in place for hygiene standards in food and hospitality businesses. If you allow an insect problem to get out of hand, you can be hit with fines or even closure.

How to avoid an infestation

Keep your premises clean – Adhere to stringent sanitary practices, - keep all counters free of food debris, clean the floors and counters regularly, and empty bins.

Seal – Fill all cracks and gaps in doors and windows to keep flies on the outside.

Storage – Ensure that any food items are stored in sealed containers so flies cannot access them.

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