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Bird Deterrent Solutions in Ireland

Bird Deterrent Solutions

Bird Deterrent Solutions

Birds, despite being a beautiful part of our natural environment, can sometimes become pests. The building of nests and presence of birds can cause structural damage, alongside causing disturbances.

Pigeons and gulls are typically the birds which cause most issues, especially in urban areas. KeyGreen offer bird deterrent solutions to control bird issues. 

Why are bird deterrents important?

Birds can cause significant problems to homes and businesses -

Hygiene – Bird fouling can transmit diseases that can be potentially fatal. They can also carry fleas, flies, ticks, and mites.

Safety – Birds can become quite territorial and vicious when their young are around and can swoop down to attack people. Furthermore, bird foul can be a slip hazard.

Building damage – Nests, fouling and birds pecking can all damage buildings which can be costly to repair.

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